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We know what drives you – we’ve tailored an award winning career experience around it. Compensation is a large part of your professional satisfaction. We are proud to say that at Edward Jones your earnings potential is without limit. Our performance-based compensation program is designed to support Financial Advisors as they transition careers and build their professional practices.

Compensation may include:

Trainee Pay and Salary

While studying for your CPH and LLQP exams and during training you will be paid a salary twice a month. As you begin building your professional practice, Edward Jones provides a salary to help create stable earnings in the early stages of your career.

Your starting salary as a new Financial Advisor is determined by your experience and income prior to joining the firm. Your salary amount will be adjusted over time based on performance during your first two years as a licensed Financial Advisor. By the third year, you should have built a steady book of business and will transition away from a salary.


During your first three years as a licensed Financial Advisor, commission payouts will vary based on years of experience and the type of product. Commission payout ranges are generally as follows:

Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4
18% - 20%18% - 20% 27% - 30%36% - 40%

Health and Life Insurance commissions:

Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4
30%30% 30%40%


You have the potential to receive several bonuses throughout your career with Edward Jones.

  • New asset bonus - New asset bonuses are paid monthly based on the accumulation of specified new assets brought to the firm during your first three years after obtaining a license.
  • Deferred bonus - Financial Advisors can qualify for a deferred bonus in years 4-6 based upon the new assets gathered during the first three years as a licensed Financial Advisor at Edward Jones. The amount earned and paid in years 4-6 is calculated as $1 for every $1 of new asset bonus paid in the first three years.
  • Branch bonus - In periods in which the firm has reached a certain level of profitability and the branch is also bonus eligible, the Financial Advisor is eligible to receive a bonus based on the financial performance of his or her specific branch.

Travel Program

At Edward Jones, you have the distinct opportunity to participate in business diversification trips or cash award in lieu of trips. This popular program recognizes and rewards those who build a strong book of business.

These programs promote knowledge-sharing in an atmosphere where Financial Advisors can relax and recharge. In recent years, approximately half of our nearly 12,000 Financial Advisors in Canada and the United States have qualified for our diversification trips.

Profit Sharing

Each year, the firm shares a portion of net profits in the form of profit-sharing contributions to your retirement account. Contributions are based on total compensation including direct compensation and bonuses. All contributions are immediately 100% vested.

The Partnership Opportunity
In addition to your compensation package, you may have the opportunity to invest in Edward Jones’ parent organization, The Jones Financial Companies, LLLP, a partnership. Historically, limited partnership offer selection has been based on the minimum requirements of running a profitable and ethical branch. After meeting the basic criteria, other considerations are leadership and your assistance to others in your region and the firm. Today, nearly 15,000 Edward Jones associates are limited or general partners.

*In Quebec, our Financial Advisors are known as Investment Advisors.
*Edward Jones is a limited partnership in Canada and is wholly owned subsidiary of Edward D. Jones & Co LP, a Missouri limited partnership. Edward D. Jones & Co. LP is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Jones Financial Companies, LLLP, a limited liability limited partnership.

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