Our Inclusive Environment

At Edward Jones, we believe that a diverse and inclusive team of associates is the best way to serve the varied and individual needs of our clients.

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Defining Diversity and Inclusion

We refer to our initiatives as inclusion and diversity. We say “inclusion” first, because it represents how we embrace and value all the unique experiences, backgrounds and perspectives of our associates in order to serve our clients. “Diversity” is the way we identify, recognize and celebrate all of our similarities and differences.

Inclusion and diversity represent thought leadership and a passion for knowledge from different perspectives to achieve maximum results.

Our inclusion initiative helps to foster an environment that encourages new and innovative thinking. As such, it enables our firm to benefit from the contributions of all our associates who contribute individually and in teams to the success of our firm.

Therefore, we remain committed to attracting, retaining and developing an outstanding team of diverse associates who are representative of the clients we serve and hope to serve.

Advancing Our Success

The saying “actions speak louder than words” could be a slogan for Edward Jones’ inclusion and diversity initiatives. For example, the firm offers several programs and groups in which associates can become involved to advance the important mission of inclusion efforts. Following are examples of inclusion and diversity programs that are available to our home office associates and branch teams (financial advisors and branch office administrators).