3 Ways Community Involvement Boosts Job Satisfaction.

As the job market evolves, professionals are looking for opportunities to gain fulfillment at work that goes beyond their salary requirements. Why? The American workforce has become saturated with highly educated employees who spend a lot of time at the office, and they want to make sure their work integrates with their other interests.

In particular, many professionals enjoy positions in which they are able to impact their community. Companies are responding by launching influential community involvement programs, but do these initiatives really impact overall job satisfaction? Studies say yes. Here is why:

  1. It gives employees a sense of pride.
    The number one reason employees enjoy working for a company that focuses on community involvement is the sense of pride it gives them. The company’s public reputation gets a boost and people feel proud to be associated with an organization that’s making a difference.
  2. It implies that the company cares about employees, too.
    If the company demonstrates a commitment to the quality of life of people in the community, you can also assume that it gives a reasonable consideration to its employees.
  3. The company’s values align with employees’ personal values.
    An employee is more likely to believe the company is aligned with their personal values when the company is involved in the community. This identification helps the employee feel like they fit in, and impacts their overall happiness and job satisfaction.

Does the company you work for have an active presence in the community? The answer to that question may make more of a difference in your job satisfaction than you think. Discover other ways community involvement can make an impact on your career here.

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