Feeling the Love at Work

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February is here and love is in the air… or is it? According to a poll conducted by Monster.com, nearly half of U.S. workers said they never feel appreciated for their work.

Look at a few common ways employers show their appreciation to their employees below. Are you feeling the love at work?

Perks and Benefits - By offering competitive benefits and unique perks, employers are addressing employee needs and showing they have their best interests in mind. Benefits go beyond health insurance and retirement investments. For example, an airline may allow its employees to fly free or for a deep discount. In return, employees tend to remain loyal to the company and have a happier, more productive mindset.

Regular Check-Ins - Regular check-ins, such as weekly meetings or one-on-ones, are common occurrences in the workplace, however, the way this time is used is the game-changer. Employers should not only be using this time to connect on work issues, but also to build stronger relationships with their employees and offer mentorship. A leader who cares will take the time to chat with you about things going on outside the office.

Cultivated Culture - An organization’s culture shouldn’t happen by chance. It should be a strategic initiative that evolves to meet new goals as the company grows and thrives. Employers can invest in their culture by:

  • Conducting satisfaction surveys
  • Determining an employer brand
  • Implementing recognition activities for high performers
  • Supporting employee resource groups
  • Cross-departmental team-building exercises
  • And much, much more

If you’re not getting the appreciation you deserve at work, don’t disregard your feelings. It may be time for a change. Consider these factors to determine if a new career path is the right step for you.

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