Gaining Flexibility as a Financial Advisor: Mark Audet

Considering a Financial Advisor career with Edward Jones? Hear from some of our current Financial Advisors about the position and the career path they took to build a successful practice.

Mark Audet worked as a director of analytics in the banking industry before switching careers to a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones. He liked the idea of running his own practice and being able to take control of his long-term success, both professionally and personally. Working with Edward Jones gives him the autonomy and empowerment that he had been missing.

What were some of the factors that led you to explore a career change?

“I realized I was putting in so many hours at work in my prior role, but it wasn’t really impacting my family in a positive way. That wasn’t the work-life balance I wanted long term.”

What were some of your initial hesitations before you started as a Financial Advisor?

“Stepping away from an income level, and knowing that it could have been a lifestyle change for my family. But I welcomed it because of the long-term potential right around the corner. With the unlimited income potential, it was much more of an upside.”

What can a new Financial Advisor expect in his or her first year?

“Starting in the business is not easy, and no one should tell you that it is. So when you make the commitment, you have to prepare yourself for several years of really hard work. It’s a numbers game. If you’re driven and make the contacts you’re supposed to make, you can be successful."

Thinking about a career change? See how your business skills complement a new career as a Financial Advisor and why a career risk may not be so risky.

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