Three Things Every Great Mentor Does.

Think about someone who’s helped shape your professional career. This could be a supervisor, colleague, coach, professor or even a family member. Mentors provide value and expertise that guide your career development, even if they aren’t part of the workplace.

Have you found yourself in the position to be a mentor? Accept the challenge. This is a great opportunity to provide insight and share your own experiences with a new professional. Here are three things every great mentor does

1. Be Selective
You simply cannot be a mentor to everyone. A mentor-mentee relationship is quite personal, and a strong mentor must be willing to make professional recommendations based on a strong understanding of his or her mentee. This relationship will be built over time, so it’s paramount that you select a mentee that you can invest in over the long-term.

2. Be Honest
Part of being a mentor is a willingness to share the experiences that have shaped you as a professional, even if the outcome wasn’t positive. It’s important that mentors are honest about the mistakes they have made in the past, not only to help the mentee avoid making that same mistake, but also to help establish a more trusting relationship.

3. Be Active
The best mentors think about their mentees throughout the week by seeking out professional opportunities, sharing relevant articles and arranging networking times. Strong mentors are well-aware of their mentees’ strengths and interests and find opportunities for them to learn new professional skills. They routinely give more than is asked of them to ensure that their mentees are engaged and supported.

Think about what you want from your mentor-mentee relationship and use these tips to help guide you. Remember that mentoring someone can also benefit your professional growth.

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