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Holiday Helping: 3 Unconventional Ways to Give Back

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How do you give back during the holidays? The season provides plenty of unique opportunities for you and your company to make an impact when you combine creativity, teamwork and a spirit of generosity. Here are some ideas.

  1. Use your resources - Is there something valuable your organization can offer besides money or products? Donation drives, for instance, can require a great amount of space. You can help by offering your business as a drop-off site. Similarly, advertising space, from social media to signage, can be used to raise awareness for a charitable cause or event during the holidays.

    Other assets can include your professional network. Reaching out to others in your community to help a good cause is a great way to grow partnerships and expand the possibilities for giving back.

  2. Hone your skills - Nonprofits need professional talent to operate successfully, especially when it comes to the busy holiday season. Are you an expert in advertising? Your skills might be valuable in marketing a special event. Have project management experience? You could help handle the complicated logistics of a community-wide food drive. Sites like LinkedIn and VolunteerMatch allow you to find nonprofits and projects that match your skillset and interests.

    Asking co-workers to get involved is another great option. Get the entire office to divide into teams based on department or specialty and see what an impact you can make by collaborating time and talent in support of a worthy cause.

  3. Party with purpose - There are plenty of fun ways for your workplace to fundraise throughout the holiday season. Office parties especially can be used to combine socializing and philanthropy. Mix things up by competing with coworkers in trivia, talent shows or karaoke contests for charity. Consider hosting a silent auction or asking for donations at the door. Whether your holiday party is small and simple or operates on a larger scale, there are many options for raising funds.

No matter how you choose to help out this holiday season, remember that creativity and collaboration can open the door to an entire new way of giving.

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