How to Embrace Career Risk


Have you ever met a risk-taking accountant? Or a trailblazing auditor? In the professional world, we’re often told that risk is inherently bad and is to be avoided at all costs. However, risk can be beneficial in many circumstances, such as a career change. Learning how and when to take a chance may advance your career and even increase your happiness.

Here are a few things to consider when dealing with risk in the workplace:

First, Identify Risk Factors Before embracing risk, it’s important to understand and identify risk factors. When considering a career change, there are many factors to consider including growth potential, financial obligations, stability, professional relationships and more. Think about the potential opportunities for changes in your workplace. How would you address them? Being mindful of long-term happiness and short-tem attitude can help you make these decisions.

Consider Your Happiness Factors It’s important to think about long-term happiness when considering a change in your career. For example, perhaps you’re considering a career change that will greatly affect your commute. If spending minimal time in the car is a priority for you, you might turn down the opportunity and take a risk to stay in your current position until a position with a more appealing location comes along.

Risk factors are often short-term, and change over time. Prioritize those factors that are most important to your happiness, and consider your options accordingly. What aspects of your career are non-negotiable?

Recognize Attitude Factors Attitude and adaptability are as important as happiness in assessing career changes. Having the ability to leverage your current career into your future goals is key. If you have a positive attitude and the ambition to embrace new, seemingly risky opportunities, you may increase your long-term happiness.

Assume you’re starting a brand new position that you know will provide long-term happiness. You have the background and the knowledge to be successful, but the short-term risk of being unsuccessful is overwhelming. Your success will be determined by the attitude you work with moving forward.

Learning how to embrace change and seize opportunities is key to maintaining a positive career. Taking chances also boosts your confidence and creativity, breeding new ideas and solutions, as Fortune writes. You’ll find risk in any line of work, but learning how to embrace it can benefit you both professionally and personally.

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