Why Volunteering Is Really Good for Your Career

Do you remember the feeling after volunteering? It felt pretty amazing to help others. If only we could stir that goodness into our coffee each morning and make that feeling last.

The feeling may be fleeting, but the experience is lasting. Here are two reasons why.

  1. You connect with some incredible people - You get to spend quality time with those you’re serving and also the individuals serving beside you. This broadens your circle. And the broader your circle is by knowing others, helping others, taking part and giving back, the richer your life can be. Many people have met future coworkers, bosses, mentors and longtime friends through a Saturday garden or service project. Surrounding yourself with volunteer‐minded people can make a profound difference, even a life changing personal or professional connection.

  2. You gain some powerful skills - It’s been said that volunteering can be service to oneself. This is probably true. New environments allow us to uncover and build skills we didn’t know we had. From talking to people and leading teams to uncovering solutions and discovering new approaches, it’s an occasion, apart from our normal day, to learn and grow. And because volunteering is often in a relaxed environment, we can more easily learn about others – their education, careers, life paths, interests – as well as ourselves. From this can come inspiration, which may lead us down a path of expanded opportunity.

Companies value volunteers. If volunteering is important to you, then you may want to be part of a company with similar values. In fact, many companies offer volunteer opportunities year‐round, on weekends and even during the week. When looking at a company, ask those questions. It may help you determine if the company is a match for you.

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