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Danielle Trout - Edward Jones Financial Solutions Service Assoc.



St. Louis, Mo.


Saint Louis University


Bachelor's in International Business, Spanish, and International Studies

Year Started


Danielle Trout

Financial Solutions Service Assoc.

What brought you to Edward Jones?
I had originally applied to Edward Jones through my university's career website. Although I had never considered finance as a career path, I wanted to see what the interview process was like for a locally-based Fortune 500 company, so I submitted my application to Edward Jones. The interviewers asked me about my values and goals during the process, and we connected on a personal level. I knew I wanted to work with and for people like that during my career. As an intern, I took charge of meaningful projects with a measurable impact on the firm. I was challenged and engaged throughout the whole summer. At the end of that opportunity, I had the chance to apply for the Rotational Development Program and from that point on, I knew where I wanted to start my career.

Describe your role within the firm.
As a service associate, I spend my day talking to financial advisors and branch office administrators to help them solve their clients' financial needs. Specifically, I specialize in helping financial advisors offer diverse portfolios. I also talk to our branch teams about how to offer the highest level of support to our clients as they continue on their paths to achieving their financial goals.

Can you describe how mentoring works at Edward Jones?
Mentorship is a fundamental part of the Edward Jones experience. I have formal mentors in place that were provided to me through structured programs at Edward Jones. I am interested in diversity initiatives, so I was assigned a mentor by the Home Office Inclusion Mentoring Program. I also have reached out to others beyond my mentor when seeking career advice. I have stayed in contact with key individuals who expressed interest in my development, and we continue to meet regularly so we can learn from one another. Mentorship continues to be a pillar on which we are able to continue our spirit of caring and company culture.

Articulate the spirit of volunteerism that exists at Jones. How have you been involved and what was that experience like?
Volunteerism at Edward Jones manifests in two ways. First, associates and leaders invest their time and resources in each other to encourage development and learning. The collaborative nature of our firm helps to build relationships and deepen our own skill sets. Second, associates and leaders across the country are encouraged to give back to their communities through a paid Day of Caring and through support systems within the firm that encourage involvement in charities and fundraising campaigns.

How do you see your future at Edward Jones unfolding?
As an individual new to the workforce, I know that I have quite a few possible directions for my career path. Edward Jones openly encourages associates to pursue the opportunity that is right for them. I am leaning toward either developing my leadership skills through the leadership development program within my division or, on a totally different note, potentially opening my own office as a financial advisor. Either way, I want to tie in my interests in serving our diverse client base into my career.

What qualities do you think a person needs to have to succeed in the Home Office environment?
To succeed in the Home Office, associates must bring their professionalism and respect to the door every day. We are also encouraged to think strategically, problem solve and collaborate with others. And, a sense of humor never hurts!

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