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Javier O.  Detrinidad - Edward Jones Multicultural Marketing Strategist



St. Louis, Mo.


Washington University



Year Started


Javier O. Detrinidad

Multicultural Marketing Strategist

What brought you to Edward Jones? 
I began my relationship with Jones as a summer intern in the then newly-created Client Service Excellence group.

Describe your role within the firm. 
I'm a multicultural marketing strategist. I have been collaborating with my team and others around the firm, to better identify, understand and take advantage of the multicultural demographic changes in the U.S.

Who are your mentors?
There are too many people who have taken a kind interest in me to talk about specific names. I can say that there are many degrees of significant relationships within the organization. I feel grateful and fortunate to know I have people who have my back, who would advocate for me, and who are willing to provide insightful advice and then help me to achieve tangible results.

What was it about Edward Jones that seemed to be different than other places? 
It's culture. We are part of an organization that expects excellent performance day in and day out, but for those who really get it, this is a place where you do more than earning a living. I have seen many people I admire be so happy with the work they do but most importantly find joy in the relationships they have with other coworkers, giving back to the communities we serve and having a balanced life to enjoy quality time with family and friends.

What qualities do you think a person needs to have to succeed in the Home Office environment? 
Work ethic, vision and a spirit of partnership and collaboration.

There are very few offices at Edward Jones, with nearly all the firm's leaders located in cubicles. What does this structure mean to you? 
It is a very open atmosphere. Our culture is one of solving problems collaboratively, asking for others' opinions, and treating each other with respect. 

Do you feel there are opportunities for advancement potential at Edward Jones? 
Definitely! Thanks to our Responsibility Based Management process I've already experienced several opportunities for advancement which has benefitted my own personal growth!

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