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Jim Weddle - Edward Jones Managing Partner



St. Louis, Mo.


Washington University



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Jim Weddle

Managing Partner

How did your career path take you to managing partner?
I was hired as a part-time intern in the Research department in 1976 while I completed my MBA. I realized that I preferred to work directly with clients, and after graduation I became a financial advisor in Connersville, Ind., opening our 200th branch office. In 1984 I was named a partner and moved back to St. Louis, where I took on a succession of responsibilities, starting in the financial advisor training area, then the mutual fund sales and marketing area. I later joined our Branch Administration division and became an area partner, responsible for helping to grow our firm on the East Coast, and in 1997, I assumed responsibility for managing all of our branch offices. Each role increased my responsibilities and gave me a broader knowledge of our firm.

Describe the development opportunities Edward Jones offers.
As a firm, we recognize that in order to grow, developing new leaders is a priority, so we consider training an investment, not an expense. We offer career-long development opportunities in the field and home office. We offer some of the best training in our industry for new and veteran financial advisors. Across the firm, we offer ongoing training and leadership development that includes coaches, classroom courses and virtual online training. Its pretty clear from my own career path that at Edward Jones you don't necessarily progress in a straight line. Often in the Home Office, a thoughtful rotation among a variety of different roles is a very effective development approach.  

How does the firm support diversity and inclusion?
We have a long-term strategic plan that focuses on recruitment, retention and development across our firm to build our ranks in the field and home offices to mirror those communities we hope to serve. In the field, we have resources and programs dedicated to hiring and supporting women and diverse financial advisors. In the Home Office, our Inclusion Council coordinates events and activities across our campuses. These include an annual Inclusion and Diversity Week, Business Resource Groups, a mentoring program, and innovative training. Our commitment starts at the top with our partners, and it is reinforced by our firm values: We respect diversity of thought and each individual's contribution to our success. We believe the firm benefits from the mix of backgrounds and ideas that diversity offers.

How is working at a privately-held partnership different?
As a private partnership, we are responsible to our clients, not to outside shareholders. Our partnership enables us to focus on the long-term, even as we manage daily to the short term. As a result, we do not hire associates in good times with the intention of laying them off in the bad. Since our firm was founded in 1922, we have not had any significant layoffs. In good times, we share our success with associates through profit sharing and bonuses. The opportunity to become an owner of our firm as a limited or general partner is our greatest recognition for hard work. Working here, you can feel the influence of partnership. Collaboration drives our results.  

What are the advantages of working at a growing firm?
Growth makes Edward Jones an exciting place to work. We have a vision to grow to 20,000 financial advisors by 2020 because there are so many individual investors who would benefit from the work we do. Growth creates new opportunities, new responsibilities and new roles. You don't have to wait for someone to retire in order to move ahead, and we do not compete against each other for a limited number of professional opportunities. Growth creates a continuous opportunity for new leaders to step up, so we make it a priority to develop and nurture talent.

What feels different working at a best place to work?
The culture at our firm, based upon our values and our partnership, is unique. It creates an atmosphere of collaboration, rather than competition, that encourages us to mentor and help one another. We offer a variety of work arrangements that support work/life balance because we trust associates to do their work. We feel very good about the work we do for our clients, helping them reach their most important financial goals.  Our mission and values are clear. Doing our best for our clients is our priority, and we respect the individual contributions that make this possible. We encourage associates to be active in their local communities, and as a firm, we strive to set an example for the business community. We believe we can, and should, make a positive difference to our clients and our communities. That feels empowering.

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