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Miquez C. Hadley - Edward Jones Team Leader, Branch Development



Tempe, Ariz.


Morehouse College


Business Administration - Marketing

Year Started


Miquez C. Hadley

Team Leader, Branch Development

Describe your role within the firm.
Currently, I lead a team of associates who focus on developing the leadership of our branch teams throughout the western portion of country. As a department, our mission is to lead, develop, and partner with each regional leadership team to achieve their business objectives based on unique market opportunities.

Before you came to Edward Jones, what did the name mean to you? And after you came on board?
Before coming to Edward Jones, there was not much of an opinion in my mind but more so curiosity behind the company itself. Since coming to Edward Jones, the name to me embodies the spirit of client service excellence and the definition of true partnership.

How do you see your future at Edward Jones unfolding?
Coming out of college and being new to the industry, it's almost easier to identify what it is you don't see in your future versus what you could potentially see. Over the years, Edward Jones has helped create a path to define what career trajectory can look like and, more importantly, how to realize the opportunities ahead. Personally, with a focus on performing at a high level, representing myself and my firm in a professional way and building trusted relationships, there is no limit to what can be achieved here.

What did you do prior to joining Edward Jones?
Prior to Edward Jones, I was in college and had worked primarily in consultative or service oriented roles. Forward looking, my goal was to identify roles and organizations that would allow me to leverage my strengths effectively all while challenging me to grow and develop. In addition, my search also focused on looking at companies that had a shared philosophy on business principles, support for their associates and a rich culture. From there, Edward Jones stood out to me as the organization that offered all those things and much more.

What has the firm's growth meant for leadership opportunities?
Strong leadership begets strong leadership, and that is evident at Edward Jones. From our Branch Teams to our Home Office roles, Edward Jones looks for individuals who aspire to lead and make significant contributions to the overall success of the firm. As we continue our focus on meeting the needs of existing and potential clients, our growth as a firm will ultimately create tremendous opportunities for individuals to contribute to our shared vision and expand their responsibilities.

Do you feel there are opportunities for advancement and greater income potential at Edward Jones?
Edward Jones has provided me the opportunity to hold roles throughout the organization across several geographies. Each role has allowed me to stretch my competencies and skill set from a development standpoint, while allowing me to leverage my core strengths. What's amazing about our organization is that the income potential and opportunities are a reflection of the work and contributions you make each and every day. As you continue to take on additional responsibilities and meet the expectations of the role, income and advancement potential inherently follow.

There are very few offices at Edward Jones, with nearly all the firm's leaders located in cubicles. What does this structure mean to you?
As a firm we have a very decentralized model, which is conducive to our philosophy of building personal relationships. Something as simple as our open cubicle structure shows how much we truly value collaboration across all levels of the firm. In doing so, we are empowered and encouraged to share our perspectives openly, irrespective of title or tenure.

What do you do best?

Our headquarters is structured to provide the support and expertise required for our branch teams to deliver an ideal client experience.

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