Tyler Kucera - Edward Jones Position Trader–Municipal Bonds



Position Trader–Municipal Bonds


University of Arizona


Bachelor’s in Finance

Year Started


Tyler Kucera

Position Trader–Municipal Bonds

What did you do prior to joining Edward Jones?
I joined Edward Jones out of college. My previous experience included an internship in retail merchandising with Macy's in Southern California and financial literacy workshop delivery as a part-time job while earning my degree.

Before you came to Edward Jones, what did the name mean to you? And after you came on board?
I knew that Edward Jones was an investment firm, but not much more than that. After some research online and a discussion at a career fair at the University of Arizona, I decided to apply for an internship opportunity in Trading and later in the firm's Rotational Development Professional program. Over six years later, the name stands for quality advice and high ethical standards in my mind. We are a firm of good people, doing meaningful work, all focused on helping our clients achieve their goals.

Describe your role within the firm.
As a position trader on the Municipal Trading desk, I am responsible for committing our firm's capital to provide a consistent supply of municipal bonds that align with our firm's quality, maturity and diversification recommendations. This includes participating in new bond issues as they come to market, negotiating bond purchases in the secondary market and bidding on bonds on behalf of our firm when opportunities arise in the market. I also provide service to our financial advisors by answering questions and working on specific requests from our branches or clients.

How do you see your future at Edward Jones unfolding?
One of the benefits (and challenges sometimes) of working at Edward Jones is that you focus on your personal development with an understanding that the landscape of opportunities will likely shift over time, and you may not even be aware that your next opportunity even exists currently. In fact, it may not. It might be an entirely new opportunity that doesn't exist today. As such, I feel that it's more useful to think of your future career plans in terms of your environment, the level of responsibility you would like to have and the way you interact with your team. Personally, I hope to further develop and leverage my trading and market knowledge in a role that involves developing others while helping to shape the strategic vision of the trading area I am involved with.

What has the firm’s growth meant for leadership opportunities?
Our firm's business areas and talent are aligned toward achieving our future growth goals. This growth creates opportunities for both leadership and associate development. Specifically, it creates opportunities for associates to build and leverage their knowledge of systems and technology to support more branches as well as leadership opportunities to help focus these efforts and guide the development of our associates.

Do you feel there are opportunities for advancement and greater income potential at Edward Jones?
Absolutely! Our firm's Responsibility-Based Management (RBM) philosophy creates opportunities for associates who are proactive and focused about developing themselves, and who demonstrate results with the responsibility they currently have. The firm's income and compensation value proposition is about more than just base salary: I have seen firsthand that opportunities for advancement and greater income are made available to associates who have put in the work and demonstrated the ability to handle the additional responsibility that accompanies them.

There are very few offices at Edward Jones, with nearly all the firm's leaders located in cubicles. What does this structure mean to you?
Our firm has a flat organizational structure that positions most leaders with the team they lead. To me, this allows the leader to better identify development opportunities and to observe associates who are demonstrating and leveraging specific skills or competencies. It also helps create an open and friendly atmosphere where associates feel that their leader is accessible. I consider this structure to be a key element of the work environment of the firm, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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