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Bring your ability. It's intense, but worth it.

For recent graduates with less than 5 years of professional experience, we've designed rigorous training programs to help you accelerate your success as a Financial Advisor.

Financial Advisor Career Development Program

A Great Start to Your Career

A Great Start to Your Career as a Financial Advisor

When you're set on succeeding, where you succeed matters. From training, support, development, collaboration and compensation to culture, integrity and investment philosophy, the quality and consistency of these areas could make the difference between a job and a career.


About the FACD Programs

Working with Edward Jones, you'll be doing meaningful work on a daily basis with one of the most respected financial services firms. We're proud of the history we've made, what we're accomplishing today and the growth we have planned for the future. But always, at Edward Jones, our purpose is clear: doing what's best for our clients

The Edward Jones Financial Advisor Career Development (FACD) programs provide nine months of industry-leading training and coaching preparing you for your career as a financial advisor. Through this training, individuals with five years or fewer of professional experience are given an opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary to build a successful practice as a Financial Advisor at Edward Jones.

Based on your previous experience you'll be placed in one of our two programs. Each program, whether On-Campus or In-Market, you will experience three months of onboarding and study programs to pass the industry exams. Once the exams are passed, you will begin the FACD-specific training.

Here are the details:

  • The nine-month training program requires intense dedication and development with little flexibility for time off.
  • All FACD trainees are required to take and pass the Series 7 and Series 66 industry exams.
  • Financial advisors who complete the FACD Program are eligible and trained to start a new location.

In-Market Program

The In-Market program enables participants to experience their training while remaining in their selected geographic location. The program is a residency-style model where you will be hosted by a branch team and will be challenged to learn and apply skills in a real world setting. The host branch will provide an avenue for observation and practical application in a way that allows you to be a value-add member to the branch team.

On-Campus Program

The On-Campus program enables participants to experience their training at the Home Office, either in St. Louis or Tempe, AZ. Through the support of an Academic Training Leader, participants attend facilitated workshops, become proficient with tools such as Financial Foundations, develop client creation skills and apply their knowledge through case studies, role plays and partner closely with Branch Teams.

If you have more than five years of professional experience, or want to learn more about the role of an Edward Jones Financial Advisor, please explore our traditional program for new Financial Advisors.

Who Should Apply

Who Should Apply

Learn about program qualifications to see if the Financial Advisor Career Development program is right for you.


Are you ready for a challenge?

We've found that those who become successful Financial Advisors bring the following qualities to the table:

  • Track record of success with examples of leadership
  • Motivation through challenge and reward
  • High level of comfort with autonomy and independence
  • Previous sales experience
  • Positive and sociable perspective that handles rejection effectively
  • Capacity for hard work and demonstrated self-discipline

For the Financial Advisor Career Development Program, we look for candidates who have excellent leadership and communication skills and additionally meet the following criteria:

  • Students completing their junior or senior college year (with one semester remaining before graduation) are eligible to apply
  • GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Candidates with five years or less of professional experience who demonstrate a drive to succeed and have a strong interest in pursuing the Financial Advisor career
  • Students with excellent leadership, communication, teamwork and service skills

Program Length

Program Length

The program lasts seven months for those with their SIE, Series 7 and 66 licenses, and nine months for everyone else. The program includes a mix of training and hands-on application.


Career-long training

In addition to the training you will receive in the Financial Advisor Career Development program, Edward Jones provides ongoing training throughout your career. Learn more about Financial Advisor training.



The first portion of the program takes place in our headquarters.


St. Louis or Tempe

The first seven months of the program require relocation to our headquarters in St. Louis, Mo., or Tempe, Ariz. Once you complete that phase of the program, you should be ready to begin building a business as a Financial Advisor.



You'll be compensated biweekly during training, then transition to the traditional Financial Advisor compensation structure that rewards you based on the work you put in to the role.


Learn how our Financial Advisors are compensated

Compensation at Edward Jones is more than just a paycheck. Find out what's included in the traditional Financial Advisor compensation package.

How to Apply

How to Apply

Getting started is easy. Begin our application process today.


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