About Cheryl Mothes

Edward Jones Financial Advisor Cheryl Mothes of Jackson, Missouri primarily serves a select group of very hardworking “savers” who live within their means and want to achieve and maintain financial security. She finds it most gratifying when she can help those in very important transitions, such as planning for retirement or with the loss of a loved one or divorce.

Cheryl began her career as an Edward Jones financial advisor in 1999 and served in various capacities to support other financial advisors and branches in growing their businesses and improving delivery of client services. She and her team thrive on efficiency, consistent delivery of service, and proficiency, while providing caring and positive experiences for their clients. She has served as a mentor to teams for over 20 years was a field trainer, level leader, performance leaders, recruiting leader and regional leader. he loves opportunities to speak to branch teams on expanding their efficiencies and about loving what they do by loving on their clients.

Cheryl has spoken at regional and company-wide conferences and has been featured on web-based conferences over the years. She has an MBA in Nursing Administration from Washington University and achieved her CFP certification in 2016. She was a registered nurse in her first career. Her compassion and empathy for people are interwoven in all aspects of working with clients..

Cheryl has continued her passion for health and completed a PhD in Holistic Nutrition in 2020. She and her husband have healthy restaurants in their community in southeast Missouri and work closely with their local healthcare systems to influence health through nutrition. Her other passion is supporting the advancement of women and girls worldwide, and in particular, ending sexual assault. She and her husband reside in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

2024 Forbes Top Women Wealth Advisors Best-in-State in Missouri, published February 2024, research by SHOOK Research LLC, data as of September 2023. Compensation provided for using, not obtaining, the rating.