From CPA to Financial Advisor: Mike Countryman

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Considering a Financial Advisor career with Edward Jones? Hear from some of our current Financial Advisors about the position and the career path they took to build a successful practice.

Mike was a Certified Public Accountant prior to becoming a financial advisor with Edward Jones. He liked the work, but was growing weary of the hours and travel away from home. Getting ready for marriage and starting a family, he knew things had to change to provide more work-life balance. He had always wondered about becoming a financial advisor but didn’t have a lot of client facing interactions outside of conducting audits. After making the change, he realized how meaningful it was to build client relationships and the satisfaction of being present in his family's everyday lives.

What were you looking for in your next career?

“I really wanted to stop traveling so much and the tax season hours were getting unbearable. When I wanted to start a family I knew a change had to take place so I explored becoming a financial advisor. I really liked the business model that Edward Jones offered; running my own business with the support of the Home Office, but not having someone hanging over my shoulder.”

What are some talents that you carried over from being a CPA, which helped you become a successful financial advisor?

“Having the financial and tax background gave me more credibility with clients from the very start. I knew what I was talking about, and they appreciated that. I also had comfort talking to people, whether they had large investments or were just starting off; those discussions were enjoyable to me.”

What stands out most to you about being an Edward Jones Financial Advisor?

“It is hard work, but being a CPA made it an easy transition getting my business up and running. I took a leap of faith, most of the time CPAs make good money and I had to focus on the long term, be patient, but in the end it all was very much worth it. I have the joy of dropping off and picking up my daughter from school, there's nothing better than being present in her life. I also didn’t anticipate the depth of relationships I would build with clients as an FA vs. CPA. It's great when people call you up for little things and have questions about making purchases; they rely on you and trust in you, not just in their investments. I have awesome client relationships."

If you're ready for a challenging yet rewarding career as a financial advisor, you can learn more about the opportunity, apply now or search our locations to connect to a recruiter near you.

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