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Helen Rice - Edward Jones Financial Advisor



Atlanta, GA


Lewis & Clark College,
Furman University


JD (Dr of Jurisprudence),
Bachelor of Arts

Year Started


Helen Rice

Financial Advisor

What did you do before joining Edward Jones?

I was an estate-planning attorney.

Why was the Edward Jones opportunity appealing to you?

I wanted to be in total control of how I managed my time so that I could spend it on what was truly important, as opposed to just billing hours and putting in face time with partners.

What are the benefits to becoming an Edward Jones financial advisor?

There are so many, but the personal peace that comes with knowing I'm always doing the right thing for my clients and genuinely making their lives better every day is the best one. I am a happier person in every area of my life since I became an Edward Jones Financial Advisor!

Describe one of your best or most memorable experiences with a client.

One client wrote me a two-page handwritten letter thanking me for an appointment and telling me how much she was affected and encouraged by the time I spent with her. She was going through a difficult divorce, and for me, it was such an honor to feel that she trusted me enough to be open with me about her fears and concerns. It was humbling to realize the deep impact on her of that time we spent together.

How does Edward Jones approach diversity?

I love that Edward Jones recognizes and truly encourages diversity by helping everyone to understand the different challenges and experiences we face depending on our gender, ethnicity and even locality. The firm is making every effort to make sure that our offices around the country reflect the diversity of the communities they serve.

What are the benefits of living and working in the same community?

My favorite part is that I've really come to know my neighbors and the people I run into around town. It's given me a reason to introduce myself and ultimately become friendly with people I truly like and may never have otherwise met.

How would you describe the culture at Edward Jones?

In a word - collaborative. I'm constantly amazed at the consistent willingness of our financial advisors all over the country to volunteer hours and hours of their time to help other financial advisors be successful. I have never experienced anything like it in any other profession.

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